Frequently Asked Questions

Are you just another Uber or taxi-calling app?

We are not a Taxi and Car hailing apps, we do not hail rides. Instead we help to connect people for sharing taxis or Uber cars to your next destination, save time, money and environment while meeting new unexpected people along the way!

How does the payment process work?

We leave it to you. You can discuss the fare with other hoppers through the hopsee chatroom or during the ride. Hopsee plans to add a simple payment feature within the app.

Where is the service available?

We are focusing on Hong Kong right now.

Who can I share with?

Through Hopsee you can search for anyone nearby who has a similar destination to yours. You can choose to join from a list of existing rides which will show who’s in them and their ratings or create one yourself and wait for others.

Is it safe?

Fellow Hoppers community rating helps to keep everyone friendly and on their best behaviour. You can review fellow passenger ratings at the time of joining the ride.

Is it free?

There is no extra charge to use the Hopsee at the moment. It aims to provide a more convenient and user-friendly platform for people to share their rides, save time and money, reduce congestion and meet new friends.

Who created Hopsee?

Hopsee is a brain child of IC Studio, inspired by our vision to help commuters in Hong Kong. We are a team of entrepreneurs, designers and engineers, passionate about making a better future for all of us. We’ve just got started and have many more ideas on how to provide simple solutions to complex problems. Follow us on Facebook